Rosy Quince Jam

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In creating this blushing preserve, I set out to capture not the quince fruit itself, but something much more elusive: its intoxicating fragrance. The knobby yellow creature’s romantic, floral, fruity perfume is a scent not quickly forgotten. It is also a scent that seems to easily dissipate with the application of sugar and heat that is necessary if you plan to eat (and enjoy) quince. This is a storied fruit, not to be taken lightly. Helen of Troy bribed Paris to award a quince to Aphrodite as her prize in a beauty contest, starting the Trojan War. The fruit that launched a thousand ships. I had to capture THAT. Years of experimentation with ways to preserve it that reflect it at its fragrant peak had, until this year, yielded only disappointment. Finally this year, I whipped something up that gave me—a Lifelong Obsessive Autumn Quince Sniffer—a shiver in the best way. Lovers of the world—of quince and otherwise—this rosy preserve is for you.

Ingredients: quince, cane sugar, lemon juice, Stonebarn Brandyworks Quince Liqueur, rose water, orange blossom water.