Rose Petal Jam

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Inspired by a gorgeously simple 19th-century Italian recipe for rose petal jam, we strived to preserve the flowers' perfume and hue with this fragrant, magenta delight. Friends and family throughout the Rose City shared their bountifully bucolic backyard riches with me this year, kindly opening their garden gates to reveal rose-laden stems just waiting to be cut. Selecting for fragrance and hue, I petal-plucked as quickly as I could to catch the blooms in all their fullness at the moment before their beauty wanes. Romantic, perfume-y and with not a gel-like, but instead a nearly syrupy, silky set, this jam is just what I dreamt of. I hope you will love it, too. 

*please note: as mentioned above this jam is very softly, just-barely set. It's more like a pourable preserve—while you could smear it on toast, it might be best poured over ice cream, stirring into yogurt or maybe spread between layers of a fluffy cake. 

Ingredients: rose petals, cane sugar, lemon juice.