Fig Ginger Jam

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Figs. Young ginger. MFEO.

Our market neighbors Red Truck Homestead, who grow a melange of fruits, herbs and vegetables on their Northeast Portland family homestead, had beautiful figs this past week. At the same time, our friends at Groundwork Organics (another market neighbor) had gorgeous young ginger. We're starting to wind down for the season, but we couldn't resist making just one more limited run jam when such a natural pairing presented itself. The sweet spice of the young ginger is a perfect foil for the richly sweet figs and the resulting preserve is a dream. Pour it over vanilla ice cream, or serve it with crumbly aged cheddar or a delightfully veiny blue—there is no wrong way to enjoy it. 

Ingredients : Portland-grown figs, young ginger, cane sugar, lemon juice.