Our Story

It started with a bumper crop. One summer many years ago, the plum tree in my mother's backyard gave more fruit then we knew what to do with. We gorged ourselves, but we still couldn't keep up. Baskets brimming with plums crowded the kitchen, every inch of counter space was covered. I was working at a chocolate shop at the time, learning the art and craft of chocolatier-ing from my friend (and chocolate genius) Elizabeth Montes at Sahagun Chocolates, so I was feeling pretty ambitious. I preserved the plums, and my canning obsession was born.

In winter, it was Meyer lemon marmalade. In early spring, rhubarb simmered in the jam pots. And then came summer, and summer in Oregon means BERRIES. Glorious, sweet, deep, dark baubles of liquid sunshine, I jammed and jammed. Eventually, I started selling it to a friend to serve at his restaurant under the name of Miranda's Jam and it garnered (much to my surprise and severe-underpreparedness) a bit of a black market following.

In 2009 I moved to NYC to pursue a masters degree food & culture at NYU and jam moved to the back burner (ha) for a few years. Portland pulled me back (as it tends to do) and in 2014, Plum Tree Jam was born.

I focus on preserving the incredible berry-bounty that we enjoy here in Oregon. These berries burst with summer sunshine, all the more precious here in the land of seemingly endless rain. Anticipation mounts through the drizzle of winter and our reward is brief but so juicy sweet. I hope my jams preserve that transitory joy for savoring year round. 

To let the pure berry flavors speak up for themselves, I make my jams with just berries, cane sugar and a bit of lemon juice. Because I don't use pectin, the jam has a super spreadable, somewhat soft-set consistency. I also find that the fruits' flavor is stronger and more concentrated, and more truly preserved this way. There is about half a pound of fruit in each and every jar, simmered slowly into jammy perfection. There is nothing inherently wrong with added pectin, but it is antithetical to my food philosophy, which simply and unoriginal—-less is more. I hope that Plum Tree Jam plays a supporting role within our local Portland food system by being a fair-price paying purchaser of local fruit and also a preserver of fruit that would otherwise only be able to be enjoyed locally during a brief season. 

I have been working on Plum Tree Jam for a long time, and I'm thrilled to bring it to you! I hope that my jams are your jam! Happy eating!

Our Fruit Comes From:

Winters Farms
Kiyokawa Orchards
West Union Gardens
Groundwork Organics
Peachwood Orchard
Draper Girls Country Farm
Dancing Light Ranch