Print Lives! January 04 2015, 1 Comment

This post was supposed to happen first thing Saturday morning, as people were sipping their coffee and just starting to think about reading the paper. It was going to say something like "go grab a copy of the weekend Wall Street Journal because WE'RE featured in it!!" Instead, a magical thing happened. All of you lovely jam lovers beat me to it. Before I even had a copy of my own, the orders came flooding in. First from the East Coast, and then slowly moving across the time zones—jam lovers around the country, getting their fix! We spent yesterday in a mad flurry of jam jars, packing material and squeals of joy, and ended it with some good friends and good bubbles (see our Instagram feed for more of what yesterday looked like). What I mean to say is THANK YOU—everyone. I am honored and overwhelmed. I am so thrilled to find that my love for and trust in simplicity, classic preparations and Oregon berries is shared by so many others!

If you'd like to see the piece, which is blush-inducingly flattering and written by the talented, smart Charlotte Druckman, you can read it here (we're featured right below the awesome donut calendar). We're just finishing up the orders that will go out tomorrow and I am off to take a quick Champagne break before getting back into the jam kitchen to fill the wonderful and many (wow!) jam pre-orders that have come in this weekend. I don't want to keep you guys waiting too long, though, so I'll just skip the glasses. If it's good enough for Maya, it's good enough for me. 

Thank you all! Love & jam,


Welcome to Our Jam-erific Little Corner of Internet Sweetness! September 24 2014, 0 Comments

Hello jam lovers of the world! I can't believe this day is finally here—Plum Tree Jam is up and running at last! After many months of hard work, and years of dreaming, it's really real. I'm so excited to share my jams with you! Thank you for coming to this jammy little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy yourself while you're here. 


Welcome all you wonderful people, and enjoy!


Yours in berry-goodness,

Miranda (jam-maker, berry picker, champagne-lover)